4 Great Cooking Tips That Will Improve Your Dishes


While you can’t become a great cook just from reading, it certainly helps so you have the knowledge to call on when you’re actually cooking in your own kitchen or at work (if you work at a restaurant).

Here’s a couple tips I’ve compiled that I frequently use each and every day I cook.

Hopefully some of these will help you like they’ve helped me!

1. If you accidentally put in too much salt into your dish, you can re-balance the saltiness by adding chopped potatoes, tomatoes, or even a teaspoon of sugar. This will help bring the saltiness back down to a normal level.

2. If you’re making gravy and its a bit water, add some corn flour to the mix. Corn flour is known to be a very effective thickening substance. You’ll want to avoid lumpiness when you’re adding the corn flour, so be sure to mix it in some water before adding.

3. If you’re deep frying a dish and the hot oil begins to foam and rise, you could potentially have a dangerous spill on your hands. To prevent this, add a small piece of tamarind to the oil. The piece of tamarind will stop it from spilling over (I have no idea HOW this works or what the chemical reaction is behind it, but just try it it really works wonders!).

4. If you hate crying when you’re cutting an onion, try chilling it in your fridge before you cut it up. Another way to control the fumes and aroma that comes from an onion when you cut it is to soak it in water before you put it to the knife.


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