Food For High Blood Pressure – How To Bring Your Blood Pressure Down


Healthy foods can not only improve your physical health but also improve the functioning of your immune system. There are a number of foods that can help you to lower your pressure. Such foods normally achieve the desired results in a few months time given that you use them in conjunction with self discipline and exercising. A few of the most common types of food for high blood pressure are fruit, vegetables and a sodium-free diet.

You should reduce your intake of meat and dairy products as they are high in cholesterol and switch to diet containing high vegetable content. Vegetables should be an essential part of your medical plan to lower blood pressure. Not only are vegetables completely cholesterol-free but also high in minerals and vitamins, making them an ideal food for high blood pressure. There are numerous mouthwatering dishes that you can prepare from vegetables.

Fruits are loaded with minerals, vitamins and other necessary nutrients. Compared to vegetables, fruits are richer in magnesium, zinc and iron. The natural phytochemical and trace elements found in fruits make them a perfect food for high blood pressure. In case you need a quick snack, go for an apple or banana rather than a piece of cake. It is better to eat the fruit rather than drinking its juice since fruit juices have a lower glycemic index and contain high sugar content.

Sodium-free foods
the right foods should have low sodium content. One way to reduce the intake of sodium is to lesser the amount of salt you use to prepare food. You should also avoid eating sea foods that contain high levels of salt.

Changes in diet should accompany changes in lifestyle if you are really serious about lowering blood pressure. You should quit smoking and reduce your consumption of alcohol. You should also exercise at least four or five times every week. Running can be extremely helpful as it makes you sweat and helps to flush out excess water from your body. You should use stairs rather than taking the elevator.

If you want to lower blood pressure, try finding more ways to become and stay active because healthy living is the key to the right pressure levels.


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